Fly First Class For Free: How to Get Luxury Travel For Less


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Want to travel the world in luxury but got a limited budget?

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about travelling first and business class is that you have to have a ridiculous amount of money. But you can enjoy the perks of a luxurious trip without shelling out a small fortune.

Imagine flying comfortably to your dream destination while curling up with a good book and sipping a complimentary wine as you marvel at the overcast from the plane’s window. This can happen if you know how the airline industry works.

Know how to take advantage of airline deals and benefits with Robert Farrugia’s First Class for Free!

You might be doubtful and sceptical if you ever heard someone told you that you can fly without spending a single dime. This book disrupts the mentality that you need thousands of dollars to board first and business class.

Know which loyalty programs to join and discover the pros and cons of each hotel and airline chain. First Class for Free revolutionizes the air-travel sector by letting you make the most of mileage runs and earning points with as few transactions as possible.

You’ll also learn how you can protect yourself from irritating travel experiences. This book contains helpful tips to ensure you have adequate cover as you travel to your dream destination – and what to do if things do go wrong.

In this book, you’ll encounter:

The basics of travel insurance and choosing airlines and alliances

An in-depth explanation on how to exploit tools to find premium fares to increase your mileage runs

Effective techniques to find the most lucrative routes for status points

Ways on how to mitigate your environmental impact for the planet’s welfare

Travel to your dream destination with style! Add First Class for Free to your cart TODAY!


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